This is the story, as incredible as it is unique, of a brand that is definitely not like the others...

1882, Romilly-sur-Seine in the Aube…

In his textile workshop, a sports enthusiast, Émile Camuset, decides to make jersey shirts for his cyclist, footballer and rugby player friends.

Without knowing it, he lays the foundations of a brand that will become legendary over the sporting epics that it will accompany. 130 years later, Le Coq Sportif is known and recognized for its expertise in clothing, shoes and sports accessories.

Our 130 years of experience in the world of sport give us inimitable competence and real legitimacy.

The world of sport has always inspired the creation of our products. Creating products for top athletes has always been our challenge. This spirit is still at the heart of our product philosophy today.

Our products are like our brand, simple and timeless and have become the symbol of our heritage. We give our consumers what they need and nothing else.